Carol Green



Providing headshot, public relations imagery and portraiture to grow your brand and illuminate your online presence.


Social media and online marketing have made it vital to have highly crafted imagery to illustrate your online presence. A headshot is your digital calling card; your handshake, an opportunity to convey your personal brand by showcasing your self-confidence, competency and professionalism.


Public relations photography tells the story of you, your company, your institution in a way that captivates your audiences and engages them in the work and mission of your organization. Visual imagery is a core component of your business communication, and it is critical that the imagery stands out in the steady stream of media that consumers scroll through each day to grab their attention and pull them in.


Creative portraiture allows you to shine by promoting you in a way that tells a little more about your personal story. Whether you are a professional that needs branding photography to help market your skills or a high school senior that wants to capture a pivotal moment in your life, I can create imagery that tells your story.

Photograpy that Builds Connections

I am driven to create purposeful, eye-catching imagery that helps you build connections, celebrate your energy, highlights your accomplishments and captures your moments.

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