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Captivating Confidence

There is a beautiful joy in finding a woman who has a confidence about her that is captivating and inspiring. It energizes and encourages me to be stronger and bolder in my actions. What are the qualities that make women confident and how do we pursue them? In her blog “Project Hot Mess,” Krystal Kleidon explains why confidence, and self-confidence in particular, is so vitally important to women today. She states, “While some people believe that confidence comes with an extrovert personality, and therefore introverts are less confident– this isn’t always the case and therefore regardless of your personality type, we should all be working towards increasing our self-confidence daily. Your self-confidence affects things like your levels of fear and anxiety, can increase your motivation, improve your relationships with others, help you develop resilience and cope with difficult situations, and can lead to you having a stronger sense of self and higher self-esteem.” She goes how to say that low self-confidence can increase anxiety and fear, detrimentally impacts motivation and productivity, and negatively impacts your relationships. So, it is critically important that we discipline ourselves to be continually working toward a captivating confidence. Here are four little steps that can help you to get started.

Give yourself a pep talk

Our self-talk can be encouraging and uplifting or it can tear us down and prevent us from pursuing our passion. Make sure your thoughts are positive! Shun any thoughts that promote self-doubt or seek to tear down your self-esteem. Focus on the good in your life and learn to be your own cheerleader.

Step outside your comfort zone

Leaving your comfort zone can be difficult, but doing so pushes you into your growth zone. We build confidence by overcoming our fears and learning that we don’t have to be afraid of failures. This makes us more likely to take risks and helps to keep us moving toward our goals. It also gives us the opportunity to succeed. Finding success after overcoming difficult obstacles is most certainly the ultimate confidence booster.

Get to know your power pose

How you carry yourself, the language your body speaks through your posture and stance, can tell the world to walk on by or stop and take notice. Command your space with a posture that is strong and bold. Stand tall. This can lead us to feeling bigger and bolder than we ever thought possible.

Surround yourself with successful people

Have friends and mentors in your life that can encourage you to be your best self. Surround yourself with successful people. Not only can they be a good source of contacts, but they radiate an energy that is exciting and compelling. Absorb their energy and use it to motivate you to achieve your goals and strive to daily display a captivating confidence.

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.

–Blake Lively
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