The Graceful Lens

The Journal

Class of 2020

My heart goes out to you!  You have had your final year, the pinnacle of your educational experience, completely upended.  It is ok to grieve the loss of these special experiences, but after the tears have been shed, delight in the journey.  While it may be different than you planned and much less than ideal, it is a part of your story– your generations’ story.  Do not let this diminish your accomplishments!  Build on this story and allow it to grow you and your work into something stronger.  Allow it to be a flame that fuels your sense of purpose and direction.  Share your story.  Build community.  Tap into all of the skills your amazing teachers have been nurturing in you over your entire educational experience, and move forward with confidence knowing that you are a critical part of our country’s future.  Create a movement of change and a vision of hope for a brighter tomorrow.  You are powerful! 

Female High School Graduate on Porch in Evening Light
Female High School Senior in a Garden
Female High School Senior in Garden with Yellow Flowers
Female High School Senior in Floral Dress Skipping through Garden with Ferns
Female High School Senior Class of 2020 in Cap and Gown in Garden with Flowers

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