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Spring into a Senior Session

A flower blossoms for its own joy.

–Oscar Wilde

The weather is warming, the landscape is beginning to come alive, and we are starting to break free from the heavy dark days of winter.  With all the lovely colors about to come into full bloom, wouldn’t a Spring Senior session be great!  While I love the cozy, warm and golden tones of Fall, the soft pastels and inviting colors of Spring are something to behold.  They feel bright and fresh, and the lighting is often softer this time of year.  But as you round the corner to graduation, with final performances, meets, games, debates, award ceremonies, and oh yeah final exams, filling the calendar, as well as the flood of decisions you need to make, adding one more thing to the mix can feel overwhelming.  Is a Spring session realistic?  The answer is yes, with a little planning and practical expectations. 

First off, if you are Junior and thinking ahead, kudos to you!  Now is the perfect time for a Spring session! I encourage all Juniors to really start planning their session before they complete their Junior year.  I know graduation still seems a long way off, but your last year of high school will fly by. Trust me. Scheduling a session in late May or June, just after school lets out, allows you to take advantage of gorgeous weather, wear those cute Spring and Summer outfits, and have stunning images to show off when you start your last “first day” of high school. Plus, you will be able to enjoy those images your entire Senior year! 

But what if you are a Senior with commencement in sight, yet still wanting a senior session? There is still time, but here are some things to keep in mind. 

  • Know that flowers may not be in full bloom, and trees may not have mature leaves until late April or early May.  This means that if you want to take photos in a park or nature setting, it will be unlikely that your images will be ready in time for use in graduation announcements. Typically, announcements should be sent out 6 weeks prior to your ceremony.  But if an urban setting is your jam, then a Spring session may still work well for you.  Also, there are many other great ways to utilize those images, making a Spring session oh so worth it.
  • Spring can involve a significant amount of rain and wind, and temperatures can vary quite a bit from day to day.  If the date you happen to choose ends up being unfavorable, you will need to have time blocks on your calendar available to reschedule.  Wind speeds of 15mph or more often require a postponement (FYI those wanting a Fall session can run into this too).  While a blustery day may be great for Pooh Bear, it can wreak havoc on your hair style, blow up leaves and twigs, dry you lips and make your eyes water.  A little rain can make for some unique photos, but a downpour makes it out of the question, and if that special day happens to have a high of 40 degrees, then goosebump may be visible in the photos.
  • If you love something a little different, the purples, greens and pastels of Spring can provide a look that stands out from the warm, orangey Fall photos that many of your friends will be showing. And if you have a party planned for early summer, the images will be ready for use on invitations, display prints, gifts, or thank you notes. 
  • Finally, a session in late spring can be a wonderful way to celebrate your accomplishments and commemorate your transition from childhood to adult life. It can give you a confidence boost as you take that next step and help you to see just how beautiful you really are. 
Senior Girl in Park with Flowers
Senior Girl in Park with Flowers
Senior Girl in Park with Flowers
Senior Girl in Park with Flowers
Senior Girl in Park with Flowers

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